With such a beautiful climate and so many opportunities to get out into the great outdoors, it is no wonder that Tauranga has such an array of sporting activities available to its community.

Being part of a sports team is a great way to get fit and keep active. Tauranga is home of The Steamers and rugby is a popular sport for locals as well as other team sports such as beach volleyball and netball. On an individual basis there are beautiful golf courses, great walking tracks and bike trails as well as a multitude of fitness centres and gyms to join.

Within Sport, you can find the latest sports related news, events, articles as well placing classifieds, searching for products and information about local fitness facilities, sports medicine & nutritionists, personal trainers, sports equipment and more.

Whether you want to join a gym, need clothing and footwear to look the part or have an injury and need a sports service professional, the Sport pages have the listings you require.

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